Our headquarters are in Philadelphia but our reach is nationwide.  We currently have tutors training in all parts of the country from Seattle to Miami and San Diego to New England.  

All of our training can be done online. Once our tutors complete their training, they teach in their own communities at public libraries, YMCA after cares, boys and girls clubs and other non-profit organizations.  

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The goal of the American Youth Literacy Foundation is to give every child a better chance to become fully literate before they reach 5th grade.  

We believe that anyone can teach reading if they are given simple, easy to understand tools and if they have the patience, desire and compassion to help a young learner understand the simple rules of associating letters with sounds and blending sounds together to make words.

If you already work with kids or want to help children learn how to read, contact us today.  We can give you the opportunity you've been looking for to make a difference.

Kids sharing the gift of reading . . . with other kids.

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